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Trendy Fashion Verticals

Fashion Bloggers Increase Views and Get more Traffic

Trendy Fashion Verticals If you are a fashion blogger on Pinterest then I invite you to come and check out Trendy Fashion Verticals a tailwind tribe dedicated to creative fashion bloggers.

For those who are new to Tailwind, Tailwind offers automatic pin and Instagram scheduling.  Which is super cool as it saves you time and allows you to have more control of your schedule.

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However as awesome as easy pin scheduling and advanced board insights are my favorite part of Tailwind is their tribes feature.

What is Tailwind Tribes?

Tailwind tribes is a cutting edge platform that allows pinners to contribute and share their creatives with each other.   We are perfect for those of you who love to create vertical pins using websites such as Canva.

We are looking for members who share a passion for fashion and Pinterest. We are a fashion only tribe.

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If you are into home decor check out our home decor tribe here.

We ask that for each pin be vertical and designed which can be done with free tools such as Canva.   Affiliate pins are welcome as long as they are custom designed.  I.E no plain product pins.

We look forward to seeing you in our tribe and please share any questions or comments below.

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